Reinforced straighten cutter precision cutting and straightening What are the factors  Reinforced straighten cutter precision cutting and straightening What are the factors: prior study of factors affecting steel cutting machine cutting precision, West cow Aviation Machinery Co. 2014 hongying js750concrete mixer dubai necessary to briefly introduce this type of steel processing machinery works, it Yes by the motor via a belt drive growth, make straight tone rotates at high speed steel straight through the transfer will be straightened by straightening the steel surface rust mold remove the skin, then motor through another pair of belts and gear reducer Gearbox role, while you can drive two transport roller, traction bars forward movement, while you can drive crank wheel, so that the hammer up and down motion.       This process, when the reinforcing bars until a predetermined length, hammer hammering on the turret, steel can be successfully cut. In order to be able to complete the cycle when the device action, cutting steel falls by rack, since the spring action, knife sets general will return to its original position. This is the basic workflow steel cutting machine, then the impact of steel cutting machine cutting precision of factors?       First, the base material of different materials steel is the most fundamental factors for the steel cutting machine equipment, even the same material, if the composition of the material of different cutting accuracy will vary. Second, the impact of different diameter steel base material size on the cutting accuracy can not be ignored, because of different 2013 hot sale js750 concrete mixer drum diameter steel cutting precision allowed deviation is completely different.       In addition, different construction sites require precision steel processing will be different, which is also one of the steel cutting machine cutting precision factor. In fact, when the actual control of the operator of such equipment, the effect of skilled staff work between employees and unskilled will have a very significant difference, which directly relates to the steel cutting function achieve what cutting accuracy.